Health Hacks

Health Hacks are daily tidbits you can do to live your best life. They include the benefits of herbs and whole foods. Their healing capacities. Green living ideas for around the house to create your best home free of chemicals and pesticides, and recipes information and more. Nothing beats healthy living and life hacks will help you do just that.

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Great Products

I love great Earth friendly products and will always share my favorites, from Shampoos to make up, I have you covered. I will let you know my favorites and the benefits of living green, shopping wisely and helping create a better world by making great daily choices that impact the planet in the least amount of way possible.

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Spreading Kindness

Kindness is what it's all about. Kindness for ourselves, our loved ones and the entire World. The more we cultivate kindness in every aspect of our daily lives the richer we become. I love living kindness and will give you short feel good stories, daily ideas and inspiration to help you generate more kindness in your life while enriching your soul.

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Since 1993

What is green kindness..


Green Kindness is about living green and being kind. We share daily tidbits of information with life hacks, wisdom and advice through the power of sheer Kindness. Here on Green Kindness you will learn about different foods and how they can heal. As well as different cultures and how they think. We also share simple stories, wonderful quotes, websites,  useful information and bright ideas for bringing kindness to brighten our World. Welcome to Green Kindness!! Im so glad you are here and I hope you find inspiration and ideas to live your best life, stay green , and live kindness.


Next Steps...

Live your best life and do all you can to bring a kindness to the world in all you do.