Bring on the lemon water!!

I love flavored waters and one of my favorites in lemon water!! Lemon water is delicious, nutritious, healthy and full of Vitamin C. In fact one of the healthiest things you can o for yourself is start everyday off with a warm cup of Lemon Water.


Drinking lemon water every morning aids digestion, helps you stay hydrated, prevents oxidation, helps you maintain ideal weight,gives you a potassium boost , a vitamin c boost, helps prevent kidney stones, balances ph, and starts your day off healthy.


but even if you can’t start your morning drinking lemon water simply incorporating it in through out your day will have a profound effect.



Helping you maintain ideal health and optimal functionality.



Personally I have found the easiest way to add lemons into my diet is to add them to my water. I also love adding them into my friends and families water with a little fresh mint leaves. This helps alkalize the water to optimal health and creates a ez water environment, which is ideal for health. I also love to zest lemon peel on my fish, salads, warm crepes and other foods. This adds just a touch of flavor and brings in the added nutrients of lemons that your body so desperately needs. There is nothing better then living to your highest potential and one of the easiest ways to do this is by simply incorporating fresh lemons into your diet.. They are yummy delicious and extremely nutritious. So let’s start squeezing the lemons in our life and turn our health into lemonade.:)

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