Let’s Eat Wild / Going Grassfed



Eatwild.com is the best website I have ever found with a comprehensive list state by state of organic family farms.  Let’s eat sustainable and support local farms in our communities, helping families and insuring the quality of life for the animals. Let’s eat healthy animals raised on grass, not being forced feed corn to fatten them up, making them sick. The truth is, cows simply can’t digest anything but grass and when we eat from eatwild.com we are supporting the health and vitality of the animals and ourselves.


I first noticed the difference of eating wild after moving back home to my family farm. My plan was to help my family transition out of the cow business but I soon learned you can’t take the farming out of a farmer:), but working with my dad on the farm, he’d have horrible cases of gout. After doing research and at the time a vegetarian, I quickly learned of the risk of eating red meat that causes gout and looked for a solution.


I soon recognized when he ate grass feed beef he didn’t have the same gout flair ups. Which made perfect sense when you actually looked at the food chain. Soon after changing  his diet to grass feed, his gout cleared, among other things. I also switch my grandfather’s diet to grassfeed and his health increased. It became clear to me, that everything we consume makes a difference and what they eat makes a difference as well. If we eat sick animals we get sick and if we eat healthy animals we get healthy. When people eat grassed they are actually helping there health. Wherein if they eat GmO corn feed lot cattle that are sick and being feed antibiotics and steroids to fatten them up they get sick, much like the cattle.



For me the choice became clear and I became a avid grassed and local supporter all the way. Hence my love of eatwild.com …


Our family farm has since switched over to a grassed operation. Fletcher farms now happily raises grassed cattle.


I couldn’t be happier that they have experienced the benefits of grassfed first hand and have made a difference in their lives and in the cattles lives, by bypassing a feedlot before heading to slaughter. I can’t say I’m on board with killing cows but if they have to be raised they should be raised humanely and treated with care. By far in this, a grassfeed operation and product is the ultimate for the cattle and their lives. Grassfeed and local is best for the community, the environment and us.. so It’s always win win. Do the kind thing and shop local at eatwild.com


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