Living the wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz


The Four agreements!


The mastery of Love!


The mastery of self!


I first read Dom Miguel Ruiz living in New York about 15 years ago. Once i picked them up i simply couldn’t put them down. It was like i was reading a road map as to how to live a authentic life, not take things personally and to always be honest with my words. It was Don Miguel that taught me of the need to always be honest, and forthright. After reading his books it would become impossible for me to ever lie. His books lead me to go on a negative thinking cleanse,


and to start to understand the power of gratitude.


They were like a steam train and just hit me like nothing before. Prior to this the only other book i had read that had impacted me this much was a Love by Leo Buscaglia which i read in high school about 5 times and have re-read through out my life in different moments. Leo’s belief was the only real was to love a person is from their vulnerabilities and imperfections because that is where you truly see a person. It makes perfect since, that love from the cracks, because that’s where the light gets in. There is a amazing Ted talk also on the power vulnerability. It’s one of the most powerful of all forms connection and truly remarkable.

Now back to Don Miguel Ruiz:)!!

His wisdom is life changing and life altering if you have not read his books please do so. They will change your life. I am now going to go back and reread his amazing wisdom as it has been such a blessing for me earlier in ┬ámy life. So I am sure new tidbits will now jump out. I definitely recommending you doing the same if you haven’t. Enjoy some of his wisdoms from below and keep shining your amazing light of love!!!

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