The Importance of Meditation


After traveling and living in high energy situations, both within the fashion industry and real life. It became very apparent I needed tools to quiet my mind and focus my energy.


Mediation was my key to finding a true connection with the divine and bliss. For years, I would write as a stream of consciousness to get a form of a release of my thoughts, focusing on my left brain but when mediation came into my life i could direct this channel as well. By asking a question to God or the Universe and then getting a answer or stating my intent and then seeing what i get back. This has always been a really calming and understanding connection I have through our source. Which is a open letter mediation.

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I also participate in transcendental meditation. Wherein I breath in and out, clear my mind and simply be. At times thoughts will come in and I let them go, but rarely.

This said on some occasions after meditating for a while I will get a jolt of energy and words will just speak to me with such clarity. They are generally very comforting and have information to tell me. Often in mediation it is not uncommon for me to see white light in my third eye, to rock or circle around and sometimes my body will just bow over and stay down. Normally this would be painful to do for an extended period of time but in mediation it’s comfortable, although feels weird. Almost like I’m bowing down or over to a higher power.

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Recently I started Chi kung, which is moving meditation. I must say I love it. It is definitely changing my life being able to move energy, chi, and meditate at the same time. I am thinking to take teacher training classes, as I love it so much. Holding a chi ball and playing and moving chi around helps me definitely be a better person. It also helps you work on patterns and become more in tune with your energy so when someone or a situation enters the room you can pick up on it and raise your vibration, maintaining control of your energy, not letting things effect you.


Being empathetic and highly intuitive this is a godsend for me being able to maintain my energy and have more awareness about it, so i can handle being thrown in different situations, where I can be strong enough to walk away from people and situations that do not serve my energy. Another gift and blessing in my life. Particularly since i’ve always felt a since of duty to help whenever I can and almost always helping has led me into to trouble, lowering my vibration and disrupting my life. Through mediation and Chi Kung this has gotten better. I have gotten physically and emotionally stronger and my Chi energy field is growing. Which is  a win win for me and the over all universe as a whole. Raising Earth’s Chi Feild.


Chi kung is also helping my confidence by allowing me to be stronger and more in control. My posture has improved and i feel more in control of my thoughts and patterns, every day. I was a shy kid who experienced ridicule and frustration which can lead to shame and guilt so recognizing this isn’t me, rather my limiting feelings, Allows  me the ability to let it all go, which has been very freeing, I must say..It’s not my responsibility to fix everything and it’s not my fault are two of the greatest two things I’ve learned through mediation.

I can simply be and allow love to flow through my heart and life, experience kindness and welcome god’s abundance in all aspects.

If you haven’t tried meditation. I’d definitely recommend it.

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To start simply find a quiet place, where you can relax. You can meditate standing sitting or lying down. You can sit in a chair upright if this is more comfortable for you. Then simply focus on a point in front of you and close your eyes. Slowly start to breath in and out through your nose, holding it softly and gently in between. Focus on telling your body to relax and to open up to all the love in the universe, and feel the love entering your body with every breath going in. Then let your mind slowly go and just enjoy the void of nothingness and being one with it all. Your body will naturally know how to do this and simply be. After a while, you can slowly pull your self back out of meditation by saying gratitude and opening your eyes. You feel very blissful after this so enjoy the time and enjoy the relaxation and connection.

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